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Beni is terrified and most likely a feral pup. He may have never felt the touch of a human throughout his lonely, unsocialized past. Trapped, dumped and left to die at MCACC, his shelter eval read: "Came in a trap very fractious and unsocial. Needed to be snared by a field officer and taken back to the kennel via transport bucket." Yet, Beni allowed the gentle touch of his savior, Domenic, upon the very first encounter.
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Sanctuary Dog
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People selective. Not good with animals.


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About Beni

Beni was baited and trapped in a field; and, then, dumped, discarded and left to die at county - an overcrowded kill shelter.

Although past unknown, we can only assume this poor pup was most likely feral -- surviving the outdoors on his own devoid of any love or any sort of positive human interaction throughout his entire sad, forsaken life. His shelter eval read: "Came in a trap very fractious and unsocial. Did not seem to have any bite inhibition. Needed to be snared by a field officer and taken back to the kennel via transport bucket." Considered highly challenged and worthless, he was immediately placed on death row.

No one ever cared about him in the past, and he had very little hope of anyone caring about him now -- and, that is exactly how it appeared given the facts ... There are hundreds of highly adoptable "easy" pups needing homes. Sadly, there are very few people who truly care about the 'challenged' animals requiring a great deal of time, work, much greater expense and a higher degree of commitment and devotion. This precious boy, all others considered hopeless, could have easily been overlooked and forgotten about as time was quickly approaching his impending death.

Many people sent pleas out to Domenic, a rescuer who is very well known to have a heart for animals that are overlooked -- ones others consider hopeless, too difficult or worthless ... animals that would otherwise have no one.

Similar to most pups, Beni was responsive to and allowed the gentle touch of Domenic upon the very first encounter even though other shelter workers were not able to approach or even come close to this terrified, feral pup. Only one volunteer showed any interest in Beni ... a wonderful woman by the name of Marcia who also fights for the challenged pups. In fact, Beni did allow her to approach and leash him as well.

Despite being filled beyond capacity and spending each and every day (and most of the nights) training and working with his many rescued animals, Domenic committed to saving Beni. Although there is a high likelihood Beni may become a forever sanctuary pup, Domenic could not allow this precious soul who most likely never felt the touch of a human throughout his lonely, loveless past to be forced to die -- never to experience faith, hope and love.

Beni will require a lot of patience, time and work in order to overcome his past and become a "normal" pup. In addition to being untamed, the puncture wounds on his back also paint a picture of a difficult and painful past as he most likely had to fight off others in order to survive the outdoors on his own.

A painful, unloved past is all this boy ever knew.

Please consider showing Beni there are people who truly do care by becoming his sponsor, and gain access to Beni's "private update" section which will provide photos/videos of his progress.

A side note about rescuing the truly unwanted -- pups like Beni: There are very few rescues that save the truly "unwanted" -- in the accurate sense of the word. Rescuing these types of animals typically requires much more time, work and expense, and in a lot of cases the animal may take a very long time to find a suitable adoptive home. Some may never find an appropriate home thus becoming 'forever' sanctuary dogs.

A greater level of commitment and expense are involved when rescuing animals considered to be challenged ... Shelter Paws believes these are the animals that actually need "rescuing" and feels this is what defines the very essence of true "rescue."

Not all homeless animals are truly 'unwanted.' There are rescues who try to "beat out" others to "rescue" a "popular" dog that is wanted by many people while leaving the truly unwanted -- pups such as Beni and many of the other animals Shelter Paws chooses to rescue -- to die.

Undeniably, this unsocialized boy will require a great deal of time, expense, effort and commitment .... and, Domenic's level of dedication and uncompromising standards are just what this dog, and all animals for that matter, needs and deserves ...

A hope and a dedicated commitment to never be given up on.

Details / Updates

Beni is a medium size, approx. 2 year old, male pit bull mix, and is still in rescue with Shelter Paws.

Updates will be posted here soon. If you would like to view Beni's story as well as many other rescued pups, please follow Domenic founder of Shelter Paws on facebook.

If you choose to help Beni by becoming his sponsor angel, we encourage you to also take a moment to register on our website. After registering, you will then receive a free membership which will allow access to Beni's private update section where you will be able to view photos and videos detailing Beni's progress.

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Shelter Paws believes All Lives Matter, and is dedicated to saving animals that are truly unwanted ... often rescuing dogs that will become forever sanctuary pups like Beni.

There is a higher level of devotion, time, and hard work, as well as a great deal of expense involved when saving animals considered challenged and/or not highly adoptable ... much more than most realize. Therefore, sponsors are needed in order to help financially back our forever rescued pups -- for LIFE!

We are a rescue that consistently maintains a 100% uncompromising NO KILL policy. Since we will never give up on any of our rescues resulting in many remaining with us forever, we need monthly donations to help cover ongoing expenses associated with properly caring for and housing a pup like Beni their entire natural life.

Your support helps us rescue more death row animals that are truly unwanted -- without your donation more "forever sanctuary pups" cannot continue to be saved from death row. Help a forever sanctuary dog live on and become their sponsor angel today...Beni is counting on you to help!

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