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Dexter like many others responds amazingly to Domenic -- turning into a sweet and loving pup. However, Dexter reacted highly aggressive with everyone (except for Domenic) at the county shelter -- barking, growling, charging and trying to bite and was subsequently labeled 'S5 temperament-human' by county and placed on death row. At the moment, Dexter is classified as a sanctuary dog and needs sponsorship.
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Sanctuary Dog (Not available for adoption)
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Good with some dogs. People selective.


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Similar to most animals, Dexter responds very well to Domenic. However, Dexter reacted highly aggressive with everyone (except for Domenic) at the county shelter -- barking, growling, charging and trying to bite. He was subsequently labeled S5 temperament-human by county and placed on death row. Domenic was the only person that could approach, pet, leash and handle Dexter with no issues. In fact, Dexter became a totally different pup -- sweet and affectionate -- upon his very first meeting with Domenic.

Under Domenic's leadership and handling, Dexter is a very sweet, loving boy however he could become aggressive if placed in the wrong hands.

Domenic's comments about Dexter below:

Dexter is a pup that was turned into county as a stray. I found out the people that turned him in as a stray were his actual owners. They claimed he was a stray in order to avoid paying the surrender fees. They dumped him with an old collar and tags that had 2 non-working phone numbers, walked him to the kennel never looking back. The shelter is overcrowded with pit bulls and chihuahuas and Dexter was just another pit pushed into the system awaiting his fate. Not only did he have that going against him, but he also was aggressive and possibly abused. Usually, a dog like that has a zero chance for survival in any shelter.

The good news is Dexter had one person in his I pulled him from the kill-list and asked a volunteer if she could have a look at him before I made the three hour round trip drive.

Comments from county volunteers:

"I saw this dog yesterday he has clearly been abused very fearful. He is so scared it is heartbreaking.....took me about a half hour to hour to get him to take a hot dog and he would only take if I threw in his kennel not from my hand! So sad! :("

"Serious, this dog is scared in a way you know he has seen really bad things!!! Almost like an abused child or spouse just broken, scared and feeling very alone!"

Another volunteer said she couldn't get near the kennel without Dexter trying to go after her or anyone else who approached. Snapping / lunging to bite.

At this point, I decided to head down to meet him myself. As I was walking to his kennel to assess the situation, the same volunteer was back in the kennel areas and asked if she could help. I asked her to just stand back and watch. I approached the kennel, opened the gate, walked in and knelt down. He ran to the outside portion. Then, after a few seconds, he started slowly walking towards me. I leashed him and took him outside -- no growling, no trying to bite me, just happy to be exiting the kennel. Obviously, no one else was coming for this pup and it was clear he liked me. How could I just leave him to die? I was his only hope -- I had no choice but to save him!

Later that night, after I got him settled in, I posted the picture from county, and said: "Friendly pup, responded very well with me."

The same volunteer then said:

"Domenic was incredible with Dexter today! I had the privilege of meeting him and watching him work with Dexter! Domenic Anthony is the dog whisperer! You were incredible! To say the dog responded well with him is the understatement of the year! Dexter was a completely different dog!"

I don't really think I'm a dog whisperer, but I do know dogs -- and, we seem to connect. While most dogs do seem to respond very well to me, Dexter may not respond well under the handling of another. You can view more comments about Dexter on Facebook

Dexter is safe with Shelter Paws, and most likely will become a forever sanctuary pup.

Details / Updates

Dexter is a handsome, brown/white, 2 year old pitbull mix, and is still in rescue with Shelter Paws.

Updates will be posted here soon. If you would like to view Dexter's story as well as many other rescued pups, please follow Domenic founder of Shelter Paws on facebook.

If you choose to help Dexter by becoming his sponsor angel, we encourage you to also take a moment to register on our website. After registering, you will then receive a free membership which will allow access to Dexter's private update section where you will be able to view photos and videos detailing Dexter's progress.

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Shelter Paws believes All Lives Matter, and is dedicated to saving animals that are truly unwanted ... often rescuing dogs that will become forever sanctuary pups like Dexter.

There is a higher level of devotion, time, and hard work, as well as a great deal of expense involved when saving animals considered challenged and/or not highly adoptable ... much more than most realize. Therefore, sponsors are needed in order to help financially back our forever rescued pups -- for LIFE!

We are a rescue that consistently maintains a 100% uncompromising NO KILL policy. Since we will never give up on any of our rescues resulting in many remaining with us forever, we need monthly donations to help cover ongoing expenses associated with properly caring for and housing a pup like Dexter their entire natural life.

Your support helps us rescue more death row animals that are truly unwanted -- without your donation more "forever sanctuary pups" cannot continue to be saved from death row. Help a forever sanctuary dog live on and become their sponsor angel today...Dexter is counting on you to help!

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